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Introducing the  Super P Magnetic Pulser  {Professional}

PLEASE NOTE: We understand that everybody has a different budget, and as such we now have two versions of our Magnetic Pulser. The Super T Magnetic Pulser runs at 40 pulses a second and is priced at a budget rate, while the Super P Magnetic Pulser runs at 70 pulses per second, is priced higher and is the latest and greatest of our units to date.

Technological Advances

In 2000, we developed the first fast speed Magnetic Pulser. It ran at 10 pulses a second and was the fastest on the market. It was even recommended by Walter Last, an independent scientific naturopath and author, as hi favourite.

Over the years, we have been continually refining and improving our Magnetic Pulser. Year after year, we have been able to increase the maximum speed at which the pulser runs.

More recently,in 2014 we had another major breakthrough, and the the “Super ‘T’ Magnetic Pulser" was born. It can be run at up to 40 PULSES A SECOND.  Not only can the unit be run at such a fast speed, but the unit stays cool for a significantly longer period than before.

Today, in 2014 I would like to introduce to you the “Super ‘P’ Magnetic Pulser.” This pulser marks an even bigger breakthrough in speed and design. This particular unit can be run at up to a BLAZING FAST 70 PULSES A SECOND.  Not only can the unit be run at such an incredibly fast speed, but the unit STILL STAYS COOL for just as long.

The design of this pulser has been upgraded by a 73-year-old retired Australian Bio-Medical Electronics Engineer. This guy has had over FIFTY YEARS EXPERIENCE working in the medical arena.Which includes 10 years at NASA

These Magnetic Pulsers have been inspired by the work of Robert Beck (Bob Beck).

Our Pulser Paddle Advantage

Due to the blazing fast speed at which these pulsers run, an incredible amount of heat is generated. This makes the design and construction of these paddles crucial.

Our paddles have been designed to run at FULL SPEED for 180 MINUTES on a single paddle.That equals 3hours at full speed. During this time, the paddles get extremely hot due to the speed they are running. However, recommended usage times are 60 minutes per paddle.

To extend session times, additional paddles can be purchased to replace the hot paddle, effectively doubling session times.

These units can be run at a low speed all day without heating up.

No other paddle on the market can withstand this incredibly long session time.

Paddle leads are a massive 4 meter long

Each pulser paddle is made out of durable heat-resistant material to protect against the incredibly high temperatures generated from use.

 Paddle power enhancer .Puts out an additional 80% power.


But there’s more.

What else is good about the unique pulser head?

The new pulser heads come with a  Radiation Absorber.  These are built with natural activated materials that absorb and neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields.

The  Radiation Absorber even works when the unit is not turned on. Just keeping the pulser head near where you sleep will be of benefit to you.

It works simply by tuning into the body’s bio-field to reduce the amount of harmful frequencies within your body.

This is included at no additional cost.

We also include a dirty electricity filter on the mains coming into our instrument case.Theses are valued at $40 each and are free to you.These stop the high frequency signals sent down the power lines.

How can I tell which polarity I am pulsing?

There are two easily distinguishable sides to the paddle, a larger and a smaller side. The larger side of the paddle is bio-north, while the smaller side is bio-south.

Each paddle’s polarities are tested at three different stages during manufacture to ensure polarity settings are correct.

How strong is your magnetic pulser?

Our unit generates such enormous heat that we have to use much more thermal protection over the paddle. However, this causes complications when trying to get an accurate strength reading from the pulser.

For example, Pulser A has a covering of 2mm on their paddles. No more is needed because that unit doesn’t generate a great deal of heat. Then you have our pulser, which has 10mm of heat protection. This means that the surface of the paddle is 5 times further from the coil than Pulser A.

As with any other magnet, the greatest force is right next to the magnet, but then drops off dramatically afterwards. With a difference of only 8mm, this has a massive impact on the strength readings.  This is demonstrated very clearly when testing both Pulser A and our pulser. When testing the same pulser with one reading done at 2mm and one reading done at 10mm, the 10mm measurement showed 6 times less power.

Our unit does not work quite the same as the slow speed pulsers that can make a coin jump dramatically. While the slow speed unit has flipped a single coin, our Pulser has already pulsed multiple times.

To put this into perspective, Pulser A can pulse once every 3.5 seconds. In this same time our Super T Magnetic Pulser has pulsed approximately 140 times.

The comparison is even bigger with our Super P Magnetic Pulser. In 3.5 seconds, approximately 245 pulses have been generated. 

An interesting thing to note is that at 300mm, the readings of both pulsers were the same.

How hot do the paddles get exactly?

Because these units run at such incredibly fast speeds, a massive amount of heat is generated. We developed the following chart to show you just how hot the paddle would get if there were no thermal protection.

In just 5 minutes, our pulser generates enough heat to give you a third degree burn in just a few seconds. The following chart indicated how much heat is generated in our coils.

Less power, less heat. More power, more heat.


  • 0 minutes        -      22 degrees C    -    or      71 degrees F
  • 5 minutes        -      75 degrees C    -    or    167 degrees F
  • 10 minutes      -      93 degrees C    -    or    200 degrees F
  • 15 minutes      -    130 degrees C    -    or    266 degrees F
  • 20 minutes      -    145 degrees C    -    or    293 degrees F
  • 27 minutes      -    156 degrees C    -    or    312 degrees F
  • 40 minutes      -    180 degrees C    -    or    356 degrees F
  • 60 minutes      -    200 degrees C    -    or    392 degrees F


I have heard that electrical fields can be harmful. What makes your Magnetic Pulser different?

Some electromagnetic fields may be harmful, such as high voltage transformers, power lines, mobile phone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi etc. The list goes on. This is commonly referred to as dirty electricity. This throws your body’s natural energy balance out of whack.

Magnetic Fields generated by a Magnetic Pulser are designed to work with the body’s natural energy field by stimulating and rejuvenating the body’s natural energy field.


Does that mean the Magnetic Pulser is run on this dirty electricity?

This is one of the unique advantages our pulsers have. We install Dirty Electricity Filters into our devices.

These Dirty Electricity Filters contain a unique blend of natural activated earth elements that creates a natural harmonious energy field. This will reduce the harmful frequencies produced by various devices from coming into the magnetic pulsers.Value $40


Where are the Magnetic Pulsers manufactured?

We want to build a machine that lasts. Something that isn’t going to break down easily. Especially considering the amount of power going through these devices, quality and safety are of utmost importance to us.

We are not trying to save a couple of dollars on cheap, lightweight international components. Our units are made from heavy-duty components that were built to last. As a result, our machines are quite heavy. The Super T Magnetic Pulser weighs in at a sizable 4.6 kilograms, while the Super P Magnetic Pulser weighs in at an even heavier 4.9 kilograms.

These are not toys; they were built to function and to last. They are manufactured in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia by our family business. This is to ensure only the best quality components and workmanship go into the machines. 


Fast Facts:

  • Now runs at a blazing fast 70 pulses per second.
  • Increased max of 756,000 pulses per session
  • Totally Solid State and Robust Design
  • Best quality Japanese Capacitors 
  • 11 milli henry coil rating
  • Thermal protection not required
  • Toroidal transformers used since 2014
  • Power enhancers on Paddles ,extra 80%
Only $558

Includes Free Postage Australia-wide and 3yr warranty

PEMF Technology. Robert Beck protocol

We are the originators and the only authentic suppliers of our Super Magnetic Pulsers in Australia. Beware of imitations. They are usually copies of our older models.

The  Super Magnetic Pulser is manufactured in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia by our family business.


Main Features:

  • Adjustable pulse speed up to 70 pulses per second
  • Made from robust, durable material
  • Robert Beck Protocol
  • PEMF Technology
  • Especially suitable for people with no time
  • Green LED flashes for each pulse, indicating pulse speed.
  • All wiring is in accordance to Safety Codes to ensure safety to the user. There are no exposed wires or leads.
  • Best Japanese Capacitors are used and are rated to last at least 10 years.
  • Due to the speed, power and durability of our unit, the unit weighs a total of 4.9kg
  • Overheat Cut-out Protection not needed as there is an in-build vent
  • Massive long 4meter paddle leads
  • Power enhancer put out an additional 80% power
  • Can also be used on animals and plants
  • I was unworkable for 14 years and this technology has helped me get back on my feet.
  • I have been into the alternative arena for 25 years
  • Three year warranty on internal components.
  • Manufactured in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

The pulser is rated at 220-240v, however all orders from US/Canada will be rated at 110v. No step up transformer required

Optional extra inbuilt Timer. These "Instamatic" are the best and safest timers on the market. They rely on mechanical means to shut off. No risk of electronic spike destroying them and leaving pulser on.They cost us $35 but discounted to you for $15. If you wish to take up the option , tick option box below.

Warranty Information

Each unit comes with a 3-year warranty on internal components. Warranty is void if the failure is due to abuse or negligence.

All international orders will receive an inbuilt self-diagnostics system. In the rare case the instrument develops a fault, you will only have to send back a part that weighs 130 grams or 4.5oz for any warranty or repairs. This will save sending the whole heavy unit back. 

Comparing our Magnetic Pulsers against other brands

How long does it take to pulse 24,300 pulses if all units could run non-stop?


Beck Do It Yourself   1 pulse per 12.5 sec   4687 minutes  (78.1 hours)

Standard Pulser       1 pulse per 3.5 sec     1312 minutes   (21.8 hours)

Standard Pulser       1 pulse per 1 sec        375 minutes     (6.25 hours)

Super T Pulser         40 pulses per sec       10 minutes

Super P Pulser         70 pulses per sec       5.7 minutes


General Warning

Beware of purchasing pulsers where the coil is either bare or only covered by a piece of cloth. These are not only illegally made but are extremely dangerous and may cause serious injury or even death.

Any electrical authority would jail the offenders due to the extreme danger. The manufacture of these units is completely irresponsible and the unwary can get caught.

The reason this practice is so dangerous is because there is only a very small amount of insulation between the copper coil and the user. One small ding can easily leave you exposed to 200-300 volts DC, depending on the manufacturer. This is enough to throw you across the room and cause seriously injury or even death.

Australia deliveries ,will use express post if parcel is under 5 kg


Here is a demonstration of how strong our Super 'T' Magnetic Pulser really is:

Order the Super P Magnetic Pulser!

FREE packet of Prill beads with This order .Value $35

PLUS FREE Radiation absorber. Valued at $40

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